Clash of clans christmas tree gift

Clash of clans christmas tree gift

Christmas tree in clash of clans spawns during the Christmas holiday season which is given by Supercell as a gift to its player during Christmas. It can spawn. If you need info about Clash of Clans Christmas Trees, you're in the right only got one present under their tree, and no more are spawning!. designs for Clash of Clans - Christmas Tree, Halloween Obstacle, You can see it here, but I have also been researching to present you.

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Clash of Clans Xmas Tree REMOVED - What Happens?!? Clash of clans christmas tree gift

: Clash of clans christmas tree gift

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Clash of clans christmas tree gift 674

Clash of clans christmas tree gift -

What do I do wrong…??? An obstacle can spawn in a place where no building is placed and always leaves one tile space between any building or piece of wall.

December 11th, 2. It gives you 75, gold. Hard to tell this early on, but i would predict that the number of presents is restricted to the number of squares surrounding the tree.

Clash of clans christmas tree gift

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Clash of clans christmas tree gift

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Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Seasonal Obstacles will not disappear when the event ends, but you are not able to relocate them.

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  1. Seasonal Obstacles have become very popular trophies among Clashers over the years as they are every time unique and make every base more valuable.

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