Xmas cookies for gifts

Xmas cookies for gifts

Our favorite Christmas cookie recipes, including sugar cookies, gingerbread, shortbread, icebox cookies, and more. Find the best Christmas cookie recipes for cutouts, gingerbread As holiday gifts , these rich fruit-and-nut filled cookies are pretty and practical. Create a dazzling arrangement of Christmas cookies to savor and and add a metal-rim tag, and you've got yourself a festive hostess gift.

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Xmas cookies for gifts -

Thanks for a great cookie recipe and gift idea! Want to hand out to friends for Christmas. I am going to be using Pint size jars. I love glassware too. This idea from Martha Stewart may very well be my favorite of all, but I am pretty partial to glassware.

Wendy — December 15, at 6: I host Xmas cookies for gifts Cookie Exchange party every year and these will be great party gifts. I got the regular Andes mint baking chips. Gosh, those are some great ideas!

Sweet Miss Callye- thank you SO much for featuring my bags!

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3 DIY Food Gift Ideas-Edible Gifts Xmas cookies for gifts

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  1. Looking for a fun Christmas cookie mix in a jar recipe to use as a gift this holiday season?

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