Nerdy boyfriend christmas gift ideas

Nerdy boyfriend christmas gift ideas

Shopping for nerds and geeks is a lot of fun, especially when you have 50 Best Christmas Gifts for Boyfriends of get him something he won't expect with this. Discover super cool geek gifts to give this Christmas. Here is our list of cool nerdy gifts for gamers, readers, and sci-fi lovers in A long list of great gift ideas for the nerd guy in your life. Gifts that make him go geeeeeek!.

If cool gift ideas for the geeky boyfriend, husband, father or brother is what you seek, we might have a few suggestions to share with you. Ok, we have 10 gift ideas to help you get the perfect Christmas gift for the perfect geek. Full list after the jump! Using your iPhone as an alarm clock is convenient but on days when you are feeling the Monday blues , it might not be loud enough to get you out of bed.

This is where the iBell comes in to give you that classic metal ringing that remind you of traditional alarm clocks. Note that you need to download an app to get the alarm to work. Rejuvenate your sneakers with this colorful lacing system called Hickies. Choose from 16 different color combinations to give your pair a unique look to match the Christmas season and festivities. For superhero wannabes, forget that Superman t-shirt that everyone has and grab this official Marvel merchandise of Tony Stark and his Arc Reactor.

After that, it gets more awesome. With Lockitron and a smartphone, you do not have to worry as you can lock or unlock your doors with an app. You can share access of the lock with family and friends and it even notifies you when your front door is unlocked by anyone of them. And when your phone is near enough to the door, it will automatically unlock — great for times when your hands are full with groceries.

Nerdy boyfriend christmas gift ideas

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The ULTIMATE Nerd Gift Guide - The BEST Nerdy Gift Ideas
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Nothing is more delicious than Canned Unicorn Meat. Now your little inventor can get creative with this 5 in 1 robot building kit by Lego.

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