Music teacher christmas gift ideas

Music teacher christmas gift ideas

Wondering what to give your piano teacher for Christmas? with a musical gift, the friendly folks at Prima Music might have some ideas for you. This season, show your appreciation for your music teacher, who does so much. These gift ideas will make them smile, and let them know how. I was thinking about a music-related book, like for example "This is Your I would really like to give my piano teacher a Christmas gift this year. Music teacher christmas gift ideas

The term is gradually coming to a close as teachers and students alike are set free to roam the earth and absorb sun, ice cream and feel the sand between their toes. Teachers are an excellent bunch of people. At times they might seem difficult but underneath all of this lies the soft warmth of a person who only wants you to become the best person you can be.

So why not thank them in the most meaningful way possible? Here are 10 of the best pressies for a musically inclined teacher this year — enjoy and make them feel special!

Great ornamental miniature guitar — note that this is not playable but it does look ridiculously great. Click here to find out more. The sweet, sweet scent of music. Wafting around the classroom, soothing those post-school nerves.

Wall Clock — Clarinet Desig n. Eraser Box — Assorted Box Of For the slicker gentleman or lady teacher — a silk scarf adorned with notes. Perfect for the opera.

Play in new window Download Embed. When you think of your piano teacher, your mind might automatically think of music and musicy things. Personally, I enjoy receiving musical gifts. Most of the pieces in this vignette were gifts from students and I am just the sentimental kind of person to think fondly of the student and family behind the gift when I look at it.

I love the wire wall hanging! It was given to me by a family with two sons that I taught for several years. Faith is the courage to dance to it today. I taught both the mother and daughter of this family. They have gone through some very difficult times since they gave me this plaque so seeing it is a reminder to pray for them. The Amazing Grace picture was a Christmas gift from my brother and his family last year.

In this digital age of emails and texting, I believe handwritten notes are becoming more or a treasure. At times they might seem difficult but underne […].

If you Music teacher christmas gift ideas to go with a musical Music teacher christmas gift ideas, the friendly folks at Prima Music might have some ideas for you. I taught both the mother and daughter of this family. I still look at it and smile! These juicy dry erase markers come in 12 bold colors that will jazz up even the most dry grammar lesson.

So why not thank them in the most meaningful way possible?


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